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Training for a first triathlon is a challenge given that there are not just one but three sports to prepare for: running, cycling, and swimming. As well as designing a workout regime there is also gear to purchase, and it’s also crucial to eat a diet that supports a rigorous fitness schedule.

What to Purchase

The main items needed for a first triathlon are clothes, including a shirt, socks, shorts, and a sports bra (for women), as well as running shoes, a bike, a bike helmet, a swimsuit, and goggles. Optional items that could also be considered to enhance comfort and/or safety include sunglasses and a wetsuit, as well as garments specifically designed for triathletes such as a tri suit.

What Sort of Bicycle Is Best for a First Triathlon?

For a first triathlon, any type of bike will be fine, whether it’s a road bike, mountain bike, hybrid, or beach cruiser. Once a few triathlons have been completed and the individual has decided they would like to continue with the sport, a specific bike can then be purchased.

What to Eat While Training

Keen triathletes like Pierre-Mary Bachelet understand that it’s important to eat a diet which includes a balance of proteins, carbohydrates, and healthy fats to remain well-fueled while exercising and beyond. Aim to eat a wide variety of colorful fruit and vegetables, complex carbs such as potatoes, rice, and wholegrains, lean proteins, and good fats. These foods should be incorporated into both meals and snacks.

Athletes training for a sprint triathlon will usually be undertaking workouts lasting less than an hour. While water or a sports drink should be enough to get through this session (if the individual has eaten and hydrated well throughout the day), it’s a good idea to consume a small snack before beginning the training, especially if the last meal was eaten a few hours previously.

Pierre-Mary Bachelet - Preparing for a First Triathlon What to Eat on the Morning of the Race

How to Choose a First Triathlon Race

It’s best to choose the shortest distance race possible for a first triathlon; this could be a sprint or a super-sprint. It’s also recommended to choose a race that will help the triathlete maintain motivation – perhaps this could be a local race so that family and friends can be present, lending support, or a race held at an iconic, exciting destination.

Take a look at the embedded PDF for more information on ways to prepare for a first triathlon.