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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

According to Statista, worldwide hotel industry revenue is projected to grow by a massive 12.6% in 2023. However, the global pandemic has shown that resilience and sustainability are more vital than ever. Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about the hotel industry and its future.

How Can Hotels Help With Climate Change?

Hotels can be instrumental in bringing about the energy transition. They can promote electric transport, as well as incorporating ecological concerns into their architecture; rainwater harvesting, photovoltaic roof panels, and urban beekeeping are all huge opportunities to reduce the industry’s demands on the environment.

For example, Pierre-Mary Bachelet has installed more than 40,000 square feet of solar panels on his hotel project in Paris. He even plans to keep bees on the roofs of his Kispace Hotel next to Disneyland Paris, preserving biodiversity in this heavily developed area.

This shows that any hotel, no matter how urban, can play a role in combatting climate change and biodiversity loss. Plus, it can have commercial benefits too; Pierre-Mary’s hives have recently begun to produce honey, and the extra floral growth improves the look of the hotel.

How Can the Hotel Industry Adapt to Current Trends?

Pierre-Mary Bachelet has specifically targeted several current trends with his new hotel concepts. For example, his hotel concepts are designed to give customers freedom of choice, allowing them to mix-and-match different elements to personalize their stay. This means they can save up to 60% by booking direct.

How Can Hotel Industry Leaders Work to Encourage Eco-Friendly Change?

Pierre-Mary Bachelet has worked extensively with Tesla. Due to his expertise in cars, he has met Elon Musk personally and became a brand ambassador as part of the Tesla sponsorship program. The largest Tesla dealership in France sits opposite the Kispace Hotel next to Disneyland Paris.

This shows how tech pioneers and hotel industry professionals can work together. Tesla’s technology is a crucial part of Pierre-Mary’s ecologically responsible outlook, while Pierre-Mary can use his platform to promote the adoption of electric vehicles.

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